ApplyConnect Enhances User Experience for Applicants and Real Estate Agents with New Rollouts

By Laura Mowry

upgrades to make tenant screening easierApplyConnect, a revolutionary online tenant screening service for landlords and real estate agents, is pleased to announce new rollouts that enhance the user experience for individuals requesting reports and their rental applicants. This mutually-beneficial online screening service, now allows real estate agents to identify themselves during the sign-up process as agents and include the name of their organization or real estate office in the invitation to the renter. Continue reading

Tips for Finding Renters

By: Ryan Green

How to find renters with 4 easy tricksHere is the scenario: You have a great opportunity to boost your income by introducing your rental property to the real estate market.  The research is done, the investments are made, and now a vacancy is primed for amazing tenants to make it their new home. The problem you now face is, how do you find these amazing tenants? Continue reading

Promote Vacancies Using Unique URLs

By: Laura Mowry

advertise rental vacancies with a unique linkApplyConnect, a revolutionary alternative to traditional tenant screening for landlords and real estate agents announced a product enhancement this week, providing landlords and real estate agents with a unique web link for use in advertisements. The link can be utilized by multiple renters and no longer requires landlords and real estate agents to create an invitation for each applicant.

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ApplyConnect Celebrates One Year of Revolutionizing the Tenant Screening Industry

By: Laura Mowry

no cost tenant screening for real estate agentsApplyConnect, a revolutionary tenant screening service for landlords and real estate agents celebrates the first anniversary since the product launched in October of 2013. Throughout the first year, multiple product enhancements were released to continue to provide clients with the best possible solution for an easy-to-use, comprehensive alternative to traditional screening.

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