ApplyConnect Celebrates One Year of Revolutionizing the Tenant Screening Industry

By: Laura Mowry

no cost tenant screening for real estate agentsApplyConnect, a revolutionary tenant screening service for landlords and real estate agents celebrates the first anniversary since the product launched in October of 2013. Throughout the first year, multiple product enhancements were released to continue to provide clients with the best possible solution for an easy-to-use, comprehensive alternative to traditional screening.

This one-of-a-kind system delivers the full Experian® credit report, risk score, nationwide eviction, criminal and sex offender search within seconds of an applicant purchasing and sharing their report online. ApplyConnect has no setup fees, no contracts and no onsite inspection requirement. With traditional tenant screening services, the time it takes for an end-user to establish an account can range from several days to a week. ApplyConnect is available immediately, 24/7 to renters, landlords and real estate agents at their convenience.

One of the new features is that a unique web link can be generated to use in advertisements and property listings.  The link can be utilized by multiple renters like a Screen Now button saving landlords and real estate agents from having to send an invitation to each applicant. The unique link is can be assigned to a specific rental property address and will continue to work until the landlord or real estate agent chooses to delete it.  There is no cost or limit to the number of links that may be generated by each user.

An additional time saving enhancement expands the invitation to simultaneously request a screening report from up to four applicants who are interested in the same property address rather than having to complete an invite postcard for each applicant.

While there are numerous benefits for landlords and agents, renters are empowered when they choose to purchase and share their ApplyConnect tenant screening reports. As a consumer-initiated online screening-service, ApplyConnect is the first of its kind to deliver everything needed to evaluate an applicant’s credit report and tenant background check with zero impact on the applicant’s credit score. Considered a soft inquiry, the applicant initiates the process to share their credit report with a real estate agent or landlord.

The selection of qualified applicants is expanded to include those with minimal credit history, as ApplyConnect uses the VantageScore 3.0 scoring model. This allows for approximately 35 million more consumers to be scored, as compared to other scoring models.

Thoroughly examining an applicant’s credit report and background check helps mitigate the risk of unwanted scenarios, such as late rental payments and property damage. As the rental market continues to see growth, ApplyConnect will continue to help real estate agents and landlords fill their vacancies quicker and with qualified renters, saving time and money through free and comprehensive tenant screening.

While websites and online services aim to help you find the ideal rental home or apartment 24/7 and once renters have identified their property of choice, it can be a hassle to demonstrate they are qualified. Comprehensive tenant screening is not typically available at your fingertips without the landlords or real estate agents being vetted by a consumer reporting agency. While technology typically allows renters to find great properties at their convenience, fulfilling the rental screening requirements for a landlord can slow down the process.

Feeling empowered is a wonderful thing, particularly when it comes to finding and moving into a new home. Thanks to technology and ingenuity of many people aiming to make the process less cumbersome, the modern-day apartment hunter has numerous resources at their disposal to empower their big move. ApplyConnect looks forward to another successful year of simplifying the tenant screening process to benefit landlords, agents and renters.



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