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Every Tenant Screening Report from ApplyConnect Includes...

Credit Report

A complete credit report from Experian® including your VantageScore, with no negative impact to your credit score.

Housing & Criminal History

Full rental history is included in your tenant screening report. You see what's on the report before it's shared.

Instant Turnaround

5-second turnaround ensures you spend less time waiting for your application to be approved and more time on your move.

Feel confident about your report with our multiple security checkpoints.

We partner with Experian® to ensure we have the most accurate and up-to-date credit reporting information. Our process also ensures your report receives an extra layer of review by checking local restrictions on tenant screening, and updates the report accordingly to be fully compliant with federal, state, and local laws.

Rental Applications To Expedite The Process

You may be asked to complete a rental application in addition to the tenant screening report. Our applications will request:

Affordable pricing.

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From the initial search for a new home to move-in day, we know navigating the rental housing market can be a difficult task. ApplyConnect aims to make tenant screening the least pricey item on your moving to-do list.

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Renters / Applicants

$ 39.95
  • Share your tenant screening report and apply to up to 3 rental properties within 30 days of purchase!

Renters / Applicants

$ 29.95 Per Tenant Screening
  • Share your tenant screening report and apply for your next home!

Frequently Asked Questions

ApplyConnect is a free service for landlords, real estate agents, and property investors. Renters pay $39.95 to share their tenant screening report with up to three landlords. Shareability lasts for 30 days of initial purchase.

Complete the registration form, confirm your identity with Experian, and then review and share your report with the property you’re applying for.

No. Using ApplyConnect has zero impact on your credit score. We verify everyone’s identity passively without pulling a credit report, and tenant screening reports for applicants are considered a ‘soft inquiry’ by the industry. You’ll see all of the information you expect to see on a credit report, including your credit score, without negatively impacting your score.

Yes! With ApplyConnect, you can share your tenant screening report with up to 3 landlords.

Some local laws require rental property owners to accept portable or reusable tenant screening reports, however it is still optional for most of the United States. We recommend talking to the property owners you wish to apply to about if they will accept an ApplyConnect report before sharing.

Every tenant screening includes an Experian credit report paired with a nationwide background check of criminal and eviction records. If the landlord or realtor included the property zip code in their profile, our reports will automatically update to check for local laws and remove information that the property owner isn’t allowed to use in their final rental decision.

VantageScore is a risk scoring model very similar to FICO, on a scale of 300 – 850,  but created by the 3 major credit bureaus with the ability to provide a score on up to 40 million more applicants.

Learn More About VantageScore

No. TINs are used for administering tax laws such as filing tax returns and opening a bank account. ApplyConnect cannot accept TIN, as Experian cannot verify your identity with it.

Before we can run your tenant screening report or provide it to the landlord or realtor, we require a social security number to verify all user identities. This is processed through a completely secure connection and information is cross-referenced with Experian®.

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