Tenant Screening for Investment Properties

In as little as two minutes, your account can be ready to begin screening prospective quality tenants.

Every Tenant Screening Report from ApplyConnect Includes...

Credit Report

A complete credit report from Experian®, including your applicants' VantageScore credit score.

Eviction Report

A nationwide search of public records for past eviction judgments against your applicants.

Criminal History

A nationwide search of public records for prior criminal convictions, including a search of the sex offender registry.

How ApplyConnect Works

in a simple, 3-step process!


It takes only about 2 minutes to create an account,  with no cost or subscription.


Your applicant will pay for their report. Invite applicants through your ApplyConnect account, and we'll contact them with a request to purchase and share their tenant screening with you.


Notify applicants with your decision to approve or deny them. Sending your applicants ApplyConnect's legally reviewed decision letter is the final step for safe tenant screening.

Speed Up Your Process with Rental Applications

After your applicant shares their tenant screening report, they will be asked to fill out a rental application. Each application includes:

ApplyConnect SAFE Screen

Our SAFE Screen is an additional feature with which our applicant's report receives an extra layer of review by checking local restrictions on tenant screening, and updating the report accordingly to be fully compliant with federal, state, and local laws.

Tools for pros.

Reports for everyone.

Whether you're a property owner in search of the perfect tenant or a prospective tenant navigating today's rental housing market, obtaining a report is easy-peasy.

Renters / Applicants

$ 39.95
  • Share your tenant screening report and apply to up to 3 rental properties within 30 days of purchase!

Landlords & Agents

$ 0 Per Tenant Screening
  • No subscription, hidden fees or requirements to manage properties through ApplyConnect.

Renters / Applicants

$ 29.95 Per Tenant Screening
  • Share your tenant screening report and apply for your next home!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All accounts are free to create, and have no subscription, minimums, inspections, or other hidden fees.

Complete the registration form, confirm your identity, and your account is ready to start screening!

No. There’s zero impact to anyone’s credit score using any feature of ApplyConnect. We verify everyone’s identity passively without pulling anyone’s credit report, and tenant screening reports for applicants are a ‘soft-inquiry.’ ApplyConnect reports will provide all of the information you expect to see on a credit report, including the credit score, without negatively impacting the score.

All across the U.S. cities and states have been adding new requirements and restrictions that affect your ability to manage rental properties. Some of these laws and ordinances include specific guidance on what information can be included on a tenant screening report. When you include your property’s zip code ApplyConnect will check for local tenant screening guidance, and update your reports to comply. The SAFE Screen enhanced search helps improve ApplyConnect’s ability to provide maximum possible accuracy.

Every tenant screening includes an Experian credit report paired with a nationwide background check of criminal and eviction records. To help reduce our client’s liabilities reports are packaged with the same information (credit, eviction & criminal) so all applicants are reviewed using the same criteria. Additionally when the property zip code is included then reports will be automatically updated to check for local laws and remove information that isn’t allowed to be used in your decision.

VantageScore is a risk scoring model very similar to FICO, on a scale of 300 – 850,  but created by the 3 major credit bureaus with the ability to provide a score on up to 40 million more applicants.

Learn More About VantageScore

ApplyConnect was developed to minimize the liabilities of accessing and reviewing tenant screening reports. We handle all compliance and consumer disputes, and provide templates for notifying applicants about rental decisions with resources they are required to receive upon taking any adverse actions. Using tenant screening reports through ApplyConnect is a safe and low-liability way to make educated rental decisions.

Yes! With ApplyConnect, the rental applicant can share their tenant screening report with up to 3 landlords – including you – for 30 days! This saves both you and the renter time.

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In as little as two minutes, your account can be ready to begin screening prospective quality tenants.