ApplyConnect Enhances User Experience for Applicants and Real Estate Agents with New Rollouts

By Laura Mowry

upgrades to make tenant screening easierApplyConnect, a revolutionary online tenant screening service for landlords and real estate agents, is pleased to announce new rollouts that enhance the user experience for individuals requesting reports and their rental applicants. This mutually-beneficial online screening service, now allows real estate agents to identify themselves during the sign-up process as agents and include the name of their organization or real estate office in the invitation to the renter. With this recent roll-out, applicants also receive reminders to share their tenant background check with the requesting party at 10 minutes, 24 hours, and 48 hours.

Landlords and real estate agents benefit from one of the new features that generates a unique web link for use in advertisements and property listings. The link can be utilized by multiple renters, saving landlords and real estate agents from having to send an invitation to each applicant. The unique link can be assigned to a specific rental property address and will continue to work until the landlord or real estate agent chooses to delete it. There is no cost or limit to the number of links that may be generated by each user.

“Our ApplyConnect users have great ideas which we have been able to implement quickly for an even better user experience” explained ApplyConnect’s IT Team.

This one-of-a-kind system delivers the full Experian® credit report, risk score, nationwide eviction, criminal and sex offender search within seconds of an applicant purchasing and sharing their report online. ApplyConnect has no setup fees, no contracts and no onsite inspection requirement. With traditional tenant screening services, the time it takes for an end-user to establish an account can range from several days to a week. ApplyConnect is available immediately, 24/7 to renters, landlords and real estate agents at their convenience.

The selection of qualified applicants is expanded to include those with minimal credit history, as ApplyConnect uses the VantageScore 3.0 scoring model. This allows for approximately 35 million more consumers to be scored, as compared to other scoring models.

As a consumer-initiated online screening-service, ApplyConnect is the first of its kind to deliver everything needed to evaluate an applicant’s credit report and tenant background check with zero impact on the applicant’s credit score. Considered a soft inquiry, the applicant initiates the process to share their credit report with a real estate agent or landlord.

Thoroughly examining an applicant’s credit report and background check helps mitigate the risk of unwanted scenarios, such as late rental payments and property damage. As the rental market continues to see growth, ApplyConnect will continue to help real estate agents and landlords fill their vacancies quicker and with qualified renters, saving time and money through this free and comprehensive tenant screening service.


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