The Best Podcasts for Landlords and Real Estate Agents

landlord podcast

By Olivia Creighton

As radio stations continue to add more commercials and talk shows that don’t actually talk about anything important, it’s understandable that listeners are flocking to other means of entertainment. Maybe you don’t want to pay the outrageous service fees for music subscriptions or you’re looking for something beyond that, but you need the background noise to fill your time. Whether you’re looking for something to listen to on your way to work or while you’re working around the house, podcasts just may be the answer. Check out these podcasts just for landlords and real estate agents.

  1. Rental Income Podcast with Dan Lane
    Self-described as a “landlord by accident” Dan Lane uses his podcast as an opportunity to interview others in the rental housing industry and give informative tips and information to those who tune in.
  2. The BiggerPockets Podcast
    The BiggerPockets Podcast aims to make you feel like you’re chatting with a friend while sipping on an ice cold beer. Hear various members of the rental housing industry talk about their successes and failures, and see how you can learn from their actions.
  3. Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban
    Pat Hiban interviews real estate rock stars, giving you the tips you need for success. Each episode features a different guest and covers different topics that could help you in your career.
  4. The Massive Agent Podcast
    The Massive Agent Podcast aims to help you develop your lead generation strategy. From client appreciation ideas to Snapchat videos, you’ll learn of methods that you’ve never thought of before.
  5. Think Realty Radio
    Think Realty approaches topics with a “real estate of mind”, as they delve into topics surrounding the industry. Episodes cover a range of different advice, and share insight from industry professionals.

Nothing helps to pass the time like a good podcast, and it’s never a bad idea to learn while you listen. Even if these podcasts don’t pique your interest, there are tons of others out there that aim to entertain while educating you about the rental housing industry. So pop in your headphones and enjoy as you whistle while you work.

What Podcasts Do You Enjoy?

landlord podcast


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