How You Can Better Work With Your HOA

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By Olivia Creighton

Chances are that if you have a property in a residential area, you’ve got an HOA laying down the law for you. Whether or not you like the rules that they’ve established, complying with them is a must. Dealing with the HOA when you have tenants may seem like a headache, but can be easily navigated with a few simple steps.

  1. Do Your Research
    If you have an HOA, you’re well aware that they have a standard set of practices when it comes to maintaining your property. Additionally, many typically have guidelines on how you’re supposed to deal with renters. Be sure to look into this, finding information such as how tenants should reach the HOA and passing on Association rules.
  2. Pass on Necessary Information
    While it’s important to pass on HOA rules, there may be other information that comes your way. Depending on what address you ask the HOA to send notices to, you may receive updates on neighborhood events, construction, etc. Don’t forget to give this information to your tenants, so they’re in the loop on everything happening around them.
  3. Fix Situations Quickly
    When the HOA sends a notice about your property, be sure to fix the problem quickly. Whether it requires to pull some weeds, touch up paint, or remind your tenants not to park on the street, don’t wait to get it done. Not only will a delay irritate the HOA, but it could lead to a fine.
  4. Consider the HOA in Your Lease
    The question everyone asks is who pays the HOA fees? Many landlords bill the HOA dues into the cost of rent, which means that the tenant pays it over the course of the year. But what about fees? It may be a good idea to build a clause into your lease that states they’re the tenant’s responsibility, or that who pays the fee can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. However, remember that not paying fees can lead to the HOA foreclosing on the property, so it may be best for you to pay the fee and then have the tenant reimburse you.

While the HOA always seems to be made out to be the enemy, working with them doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be fairly easily accomplished. By effectively communicating with your tenants and working to stay within the rules, you can stay on the good side of your local Home Owners Association.

How do you Work to Comply with Your HOA?

landlord hoa


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