How to Attract Millennial Renters

By: Becky Bower

renting to millennialsIn this day and age everyone uses some form of technology. Whether it’s for work or fun, almost everything nowadays is online, including your millennial renters. From Netflix, Tumblr and Facebook, Gen Y goes beyond emails and IM by depending on their search results to make big decisions.  By going online and making small, yet long-lasting, upgrades to your listing process, attracting millennial renters to your property can be a piece of cake.

 List Your Available Rentals Online

Since millennials use the internet for the majority of their purchases—from small things like clothes and books to big expenses like cars and cell phones—listing your properties online is imperative. Listing sites like,, and are good sites to start off with as they have a decent reputation. And when in doubt, good ol’ Craigslist can get you a ton of inquiries from the millennial, just-out-of-college age bracket.

Keep Your Information Current

Oftentimes there are multiple roommates applying for one unit who, especially amongst college students, each have different financial situations and property needs. One applicant might need a low rent, while the other might want their future home within a certain proximity from work or school. Making information like the rent, deposit, location, utilities and appliances included (as well as pictures and contact information) accessible on your listing site(s) is more likely to improve the amount of quality leads you receive.

Virtual Tours Can be Easy

The internet has become portable with tablets and smartphones so your vacant rentals should utilize these resources to your advantage. Taking the time to include extra mobile-friendly features like virtual tour videos (easily accessible on Youtube) and interactive apartment layouts helps the millennial renter picture living in your property. Accomplishing this can be as simple as using your mobile phone to walk around your property and then uploading the video with a free YouTube account.

apply now on rental websites

By making your rental application fillable online and including online resources like ApplyConnect’s unique URL, potential millennial renters will be more inclined to apply because of its easy, tech-friendly process. These extra online features are what the majority of renters are looking for now and they are sure to boost your inquiries, as well as save time.

Quick Responses

This might be the most obvious thing but regardless of whether you prefer emails or calls, if you want potential renters to apply then you have to make your contact information easily accessible and be responsive to inquiries. For millennials, that means online communication. Stay on top of your emails, social media platforms, rental listings, and website. There’s nothing more deterring to a potential renter than unanswered emails and ignored voicemails over a property that excites them.

Staying proactive with your online presence helps you attract more millennial renters and, as the world becomes more tech-friendly, is a worthwhile investment. Upgrading your process might take some time and will need to be adjusted as technology and renters continue to evolve. But by taking these steps you exponentially improve your chances of gaining the growing attention of the next generation of renters.

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