Fill Rental Vacancies Faster Using Social Media

landlord social media

By Olivia Creighton

It would be an understatement to say that social media is a rather prevalent part of our culture. It seems like everyone is checking Facebook every few minutes or sharing their latest thoughts on Twitter. Everyone has some sort of social presence, from businesses to famous dogs. It can be confusing trying to figure out where you fit in all of this, especially as a landlord. It’s imperative you have a presence online, but what type of presence?

As more millennials and Gen Z renters enter the market, it would stand to reason that a good way to reach them would be through social media. Younger renters turn to this familiar platform to find a place to live, just as they do to find other necessities. With the internet being such a large part of our daily lives, you can streamline the process of finding applicants by advertising your vacancy on social media. Using relevant hashtags you can get the word out about your property, as well as interact with other landlords in the online community. You can also share information about events or interesting places in your area, reminding tenants and applicants of all the great reasons to rent your property.

As social media becomes more and more popular, it is increasingly used as a tool in the vetting processes. While this may seem like a useful tool at times, it’s important keep in mind any state legislation that may address this topic as well as the Fair Housing Act. This type of vetting can sometimes be used correctly, but more often than not leads to discrimination. Instead of using social media as a vetting procedure, trust a service like ApplyConnect to provide you with reliable and thorough tenant screening.

Social media can have interesting benefits for landlords. You may have had some luck in the past by posting vacancies on sites like Craigslist, but utilizing Facebook groups opens you up to a new pool of renters and may lead to better results. These types groups can also be utilized for networking purposes, in groups where landlords can share tips and tricks of the trade. Social media also presents an opportunity to check up on tenants from time to time, just to make sure that they’re following all the rules set for them in the lease.

While social media may seem like it’s only an outlet for people to share memes and post derogatory comments, it can be a vital tool for landlords. From networking to keeping up with the latest in the rental housing industry, the internet is an essential in keeping up with the modern age. Utilize these types of accounts to reach out to potential applicants, and advertise in ways that you couldn’t before.

Do You Use Social Media to Interact with Applicants?

landlord social media


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