Rent Control is Trending: November’s Frightening Rental Legislation

rent control

If you weren’t aware of rent control legislation, now is the time to be active. Bills proposing rent control (as well as restrictions on eviction and criminal records) have become an alarming trend within the rental housing industry. Just last week, I went with other CIC™ tenant screening experts to Washington, D.C. to lobby on behalf of the National Consumer Reporting Association. Our big concern is that without access to eviction or criminal records, property owners and managers like you will not have the information to determine if a rental applicant is a risk or not. While plenty of owners combat potential risk by raising the rent or fees, if rent control measures pass, that option will no longer be accessible.

Unfortunately, states like California, Oregon, Illinois, and Maine have already been targeted by rent control activists – and it seems like this is only the beginning. Take a look to see what rental housing legislation has passed and failed this November, and what bills will likely be reviewed in the Spring of 2018.

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3 Warning Signs you Aren’t Getting Accurate Tenant Screening

By Becky Bower

tenant screening accurateDetermining if your tenant screening provider has quality criminal and eviction data is essential if you want to maintain a standard of accepting quality applicants. With faulty or subpar data, you leave your property open to potential threats, which can include loss revenue, extensive damages, lawsuits, and fines. To discern if you need to shop for a new tenant screening provider, check if your current provider is showing these 3 warning signs.

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The Costs of an Eviction

tenant screening court cases evictionsWhy Tenant Screening is a Must

By Becky Bower

Evictions are undeniably costly and time consuming, and don’t seem like they’re going to disappear anytime soon. With local eviction rates fluctuating, use objective tenant screening data as your first line of defense against evictions, property damage, and a loss in reputation. The cost of an eviction can be much steeper than you might think.

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ALERT: OPPOSE Hiding Eviction Reports / Unlawful Detainer in Tenant Screening (AB 2819)

UPDATE AUGUST 18, 2016: This bill has made it to the governor’s desk, and is likely to be passed.

CA AB 2819Under California’s unlawful detainer (UD) “masking” law,” UD court filings are masked, or hidden from public view for 60 days following the initial eviction court filing, and then are automatically unmasked. AB 2819 will permanently mask all UD actions, unless the rental property owner prevails in court, or seeks a default judgment in court. AB 2819 unfairly places the cost, burden, and responsibility for ensuring tenant defaults are made public on the backs of rental property owners. Continue reading

ApplyConnect Expands the Nation’s Largest Proprietary Eviction Database

Independent rental owners, landlords, and real estate agents have access to better eviction reporting.

Nationwide Eviction RecordsApplyConnect, the nation’s leading provider of nationwide eviction coverage to the rental housing industry is pleased to announce coverage of additional jurisdictions to their proprietary eviction database. With three decades of industry-leading experience, ApplyConnect’s data quality is second to none and with the recently expanded coverage, clients easily prevent consequences of failing to identify high-risk applicants.

ApplyConnect provides the most comprehensive nationwide eviction coverage, and in the last few months have extracted additional county records within the states of: Continue reading