How to Choose the Right Property Manager for Your Rental Properties

rental property property manager

Owning and managing a rental property is undeniably a lot of work. You have to maintain the property, collect rent from tenants, and build a relationship your renters – all while managing in-house work like expenses, paying taxes, and keeping secure records. Not to mention, there’s a pile of additional work if you have a vacancy. While tons of daring landlords manage not one, but multiple properties on top of their full-time jobs, for some, this added work-load can get to be too stressful. If that’s you, there’s a solution: hiring a property manager.

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The Top 6 Culprits of Holiday Property Fires

holiday rental property fires

With wildfires burning throughout Southern California, it’s a good reminder to keep up fire safety standards this Holiday season. Although it’s unknown how the Ventura fire started, the negligent use of Christmas lights, lit candles and fireplaces, and greasy ovens have been known to be a tremendous safety hazard. During the holiday season a house fire is the last thing you need on your plate.

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Remote Ways to Manage your Properties while Traveling

manage rental properties while traveling

Managing your rental properties while traveling can lead to some nightmare situations. Unless your trip is a bona fide staycation, you’ll want to find ways to remotely (and effortlessly) manage your properties. By establishing a travel management process, varying based on how hands-on you want to be during your trip, you’ll be able to truly rest easy and focus on your current endeavors abroad.

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