How to Attract Military Renters & Veterans

By: Becky Bower

attract military rentersIf your property is located near a military base, or you want to help those who’ve served our country, then you might benefit from marketing to military and veteran applicants. While there are plenty of methods to attract applicants, just like millennials, Active duty renters and veterans are both attracted to different things. In order to market these types of tenants, you’re going to have to keep in mind a few things. Continue reading

Why Require Renters Insurance

By: Becky Bower

should you require renters insuranceRenters insurance is an important precaution not only for your tenant’s personal belongings, but for your property’s well-being. However, what if your tenants don’t have it? According to the Insurance Information Institute, a 2015 poll conducted by ORC International found that “among renters, only 40% said they had renters insurance.” While this percentage is a far cry from the 29% of renters with renters insurance in 2011, the amount of uninsured tenants (and most likely applicants) is outrageously low. In order to protect your property, you should be requiring renters insurance.

There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding renters insurance, but one of the biggest ones for landlords is the idea that requiring renters insurance will cut down the amount of applicants. Although the fear of reduced applicants is valid, letting tenants go assumedly uninsured can hurt you in the long run. It just takes one natural disaster or heavy rainstorm to regret making renters insurance optional. Continue reading

The Difference Between SSN and TIN (Infographic)

By: Becky Bower

ssn versus tin tenant screeningFor landlords and real estate agents who work with tenant screening applicants regularly, you are bound to run into people who don’t have a social security number (SSN). This can sometimes complicate the process when needed to review their credit history in order to make an informed decision. Many applicants may offer to use a Tax Identification Number (TIN) instead, but how can this affect your screening process? Use this helpful infographic to learn about the similarities and differences between SSN and TIN. Continue reading

State Consumer Notices are Now Included on ApplyConnect®

By: Becky Bower

tenant screening noticesApplyConnect® keeps on doling out new worthwhile enhancements, and this one is no different. To protect your real estate business, ApplyConnect® has released state notices that detail your rental applicant’s consumer rights. Rather than independently sending each applicant legal notices, we do it for you, free of charge.

State required notices along with the Summary of Rights under the FCRA  and Remedying the Effects of ID Theft are automatically included when the landlord or real estate agent e-notifies the applicant of their rental decision through their ApplyConnect® dashboard, so you’re covered. Currently 49 states require a state specific notice which are provided in English and Spanish for certain states. For ApplyConnect® users, this enhancement adds to the plethora of free legal resources available. Continue reading

Save Money by Investing in Landscaping that Lasts

By: Becky Bower

landscaping for rental propertiesWorking on your rental’s landscaping is important to attracting new tenants, but you don’t want to invest too much time and money on your curb appeal every year. Incorporate plants that are low-maintenance and will last through the seasons now! You’ll see the difference for years to come.

Local Plants Can Easily Adjust to Your Rental

If you’ve ever planted a bush, you’ll know that within the first week you can visibly tell if it’s is adjusting well or not. There are few factors that go into this—soil, placement, and water—but when it comes to landscaping, one of the biggest ones is the plant itself. Plants that are grown locally are already adjusted to your property’s climate and soil. So when you go to your local hardware store or nursery, ask them about what greenery thrives in your area. By using trees, shrubs, and flowers that are grown locally and are known to thrive in your rental’s area, you can pretty much expect these plants to grow on their own. Instead of spending time and money planting finicky flowers like azaleas on your rental (just to find that they’re dead in a few weeks) do your research. You’ll save time and money in the end. Continue reading

Consider This: A New Approach to Renting

By: Becky Bower

rental property college studentsRenting your property out to college students can be a handful, but also very lucrative. Generally, if they rent long-term, new tenants will need to be added to the lease as their roommates graduate. While this is an additional commitment, catering to college students provides a steady stream of tenants, as long as they renew their lease.  To maintain a continuous stream of income through college tenants, consider this new approach to renting out your properties.

Rather than renting your three-bedroom, two bath property as a whole, why not split up your rental into individual units? There are a lot of benefits for splitting up your rental’s rooms and making them individual rooms for lease. Continue reading

Boost Revenue by Partnering with ApplyConnect®

By: Becky Bower

ApplyConnect partnership programIncrease your monthly revenue stream easily with ApplyConnect®’s amazing partner program. Through our revenue share program, you’ll be able to offer quality tenant screening to your clients and website visitors while earning a percentage of all reports processed through your unique site. No minimum requirements; no programming costs; ApplyConnect® is simply offering a win-win partnership that provides a useful tool for landlords and real estate agents.

Beyond the effortless setup—zero membership fees, no required programming or setup costs—the ApplyConnect® partnership provides a lot of benefits.

Monthly Revenue

Royalty checks are paid each month by partnering up with ApplyConnect®. With our revenue share program, you’ll earn a percentage of each report completed by renters who got setup through your co-branded tenant screening website. ApplyConnect®’s commission percentage is one of the highest in our industry. Continue reading

Prepare your Rental Property for Fire Season

By: Becky Bower

fire season

Image by Natalie Wilson, 2016

If you live in a dry climate, or somewhere prone to wild fires during Summer, then you know all too well about fire season. While adding fire safety to your rental’s to-do list will add a little extra work, in the end it can protect your tenants, assets and community. Wildfires are no joke; we’ve all heard of families losing everything from fires, flames jumping over freeways and people narrowly escaping burning structures. However, most of the time we don’t realize how significant fire safety is until the air feels thick, the sky is burnt orange, and the flames are right outside our doors. It’s a confusing and terrifying experience that can be avoided by adding a little extra preparation to your regular property upkeep. Continue reading