Find New Tenants Using Custom Advertising Links

By: Becky Bower

rental property advertisingAlongside ApplyConnect’s revolutionary tenant screening service, landlords and real estate agents have the opportunity to utilize free tools, like our custom link. ApplyConnect’s custom hyperlink is a free advertising tool that sends your applicants directly to your property’s tenant screening form. No individual invitation required. Pair it with our free online application, and you’ll have applications rolling in before you know it.

To get your rental’s link, all you need to do is log into your account and click on the “My AC Links” tab. There you’ll be able to create new property links and copy your current property hyperlink. Now that you have your ApplyConnect link, the big question is: how can you use it to bring in more applicants? Continue reading

Proposed Bill Might Evict Millionaires from Section 8 Housing

Public Housing Apartments Photo Credit: Rich Press

Public Housing Apartments Photo Credit: Rich Press

By Becky Bower

Late last year, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) got into hot water when it was discovered that more than 25,000 over-income families live in public housing, some of which are millionaires. According to the Inspector General’s report, the auditors found that, despite the more than 300,000 qualifying families on waiting lists, HUD has no intention to kick these over-income families out. This is because, as the investigators stated, “since regulations and policies did not require housing authorities to evict over income families or require them to find housing in the unassisted market, [they] continued to reside in public housing units.” On February 2, the House of Representatives voted to add an amendment to the Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act, aiming to end the fraud within HUD which has allowed millionaires to stay in section 8 housing. That being said, how to enforce the evictions of wealthy tenants has been left up to debate.

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How to be a Self-Confident Real Estate Agent

By: Becky Bower

practicing self confidenceConsistently working with self-confidence can be challenging. As a real estate agent you are a sales person which means you will inevitably hear your share of rejections as well as the types of variables you will run into moving from client to client. You don’t know what kind of applicants your client’s property is going to draw in; you don’t know if they’re going to be good tenants after you’re gone. By bringing self-confidence into your work, you can thrive as you navigate the negativity, self-doubt, and mistakes and end up successfully where you want to be professionally. The question that should be on your mind now is, how?

Dr. Ivan Joseph lectured in his TedTalks about how to develop the skill of self-confidence using exercises done by professional athletes. By practicing these four exercises, you’ll be able to gain self-confidence in the workplace. Continue reading

Tips for a Friendly Rental Application Process

By: Becky Bower

rental applicationsWhether you have first-time millennial applicants or experienced 65+ tenants, making them comfortable with the application process should be a priority. While interested tenants will typically apply depending on how they feel after the tour of your rental or looking at your advertisements, by getting to know your interested applicant’s priorities and hot buttons, you can create a friendly application process.

Bring Up the Application Qualifications First

You know what kind of questions your applicants are going to ask (monthly rent, deposit and amenities), so why not beat them to it? Continue reading

How to Handle Online Real Estate Agent Reviews

By: Becky Bower

real estate agent reviewsA bad online review can make a good day turn for the worst. It can easily break a new lead’s interest and leave a bad taste in your current clients’ mouths. Keeping a close watch on real estate agent rating sites like, Trulia, Zillow, and for good and bad reviews should be a priority. It is essential to protecting your personal brand, and might just help you come up with your next marketing strategy.

  1. Review the Online Reviews You Have

Whether you have reviews that are positive or negative, you need to know if they exist and where they can be found. Continue reading

3 Tips to Vamp Up your Rental Listing’s Photos

By: Ryan Green and Becky Bower
advertising rental property tipsThe look of your rental property can make or break an applicant’s interest in becoming your new tenant. For most millennial applicants, visual media is a must for even a phone call. While using a DSLR camera or high resolution camcorder would be ideal, these few tricks you can use with your smart phone can help make your rental look enticing to potential applicants.

  1. Angle Your Phone to Showcase Your Best Features

First thing’s first, turn your smartphone horizontally. Even though taking pictures vertically (or upright) is more natural, you limit the amount of space that will show up in the frame. According to HitRECord’s video about orientation, the human eye has a greater peripheral vision horizontally than vertically. Continue reading

Which Credit Risk Score Model is Right for Your Rental Screening?

By: Ryan Green and Becky Bower

rental property tenant screeningYou hear about credit risk scores all the time on TV, websites, credit card promotions in your mail and even on your cell phone apps, so you already know how much of an impact they make on your rental decision process. However, do you know the differences between each scoring model? Use our guide below to understand how your applicant’s credit risk score might vary between each scoring model and which one is right for you.

FICO (The Fair Issac Company)

rental property tenant screening FICOWell recognized by its acronym, FICO is a nationwide risk score developed by the Fair Issac Company. Continue reading

Multifamily’s Best Kept Secret

Multifamily's Best Kept SecretMultifamily’s best kept secret is no secret at all; that long-term ownership provides significant financial rewards.  Why do I call this a secret?  Because  so few take advantage of the power of income compounding that is included in the rewards of long-term ownership.

In it’s simplest version, even if expenses keep pace with rents (rents rise 3%, expenses rise 3% year after year) then still, over time, debt is reduced.   After a period of years (say five or more) when  debt is refinanced at its’ current balance (meaning no cash out at re-fi) then cash flow increases.  Cash flow increases.  Did I mention that cash flow increases?

Buy and Hold… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Rental Property

By: Becky Bower

spring cleaning for rental propertiesWhile the weather may not feel like it’ll be spring anytime soon, the season will be here before you know it. Along with blooming plant life and the awakening of nature, you’ll need to de-winterize and do a little yearly maintenance on your rental property. Keep your rentals in shape by using our spring cleaning checklist below, or download a copy by clicking here.


Whether you hire a landscaping service or do it yourself, performing yardwork is not only good for your property, but it increases your tenant’s safety. When cutting tree branches and bushes, be aware of where your electrical lines are. The less foliage around your electrical lines, the safer it is. Continue reading