Keep Tenants Happy During Construction and Upgrades

By: Becky Bower

rental property renovationsWhen it comes to handling the maintenance around your rental, you have it in the bag. You’re an expert at giving your property a little TLC, giving notice to your residents, and soothing any disgruntled residents. But have you mapped out a plan when construction or long-term renovations and repairs have to be done? Incorporate courteous construction practices into your landlord playbook with these few tips. Continue reading

Tips to Having a Stress Free Tax-Season

By: Becky Bower

landlord tax tipsWhile the New Year has only just begun, before you know it, tax-season will be upon us. Ease some of that future tax-season stress by performing a few updates to your record keeping process and property, and focusing on good communication with your tenants. That way, by the time you do get to your taxes, you’re worry free.

Perform Pre-Spring Cleaning

rental property spring cleaningIf you know your receipts are disorganized, now would be the perfect time to upgrade your record keeping process. Instead of sorting through it all when taxes are on the cusp of being due, get ready for your taxes a head of time. Continue reading

Finding and Keeping an Investor-Friendly Real Estate Agent

finding investor friendly real estate agentsThe ApplyConnect Blog has a mission to keep our readers informed about the industry, and educated so they can maximize their success. Our friends at Rentec Direct recently released this helpful article that is sure to be a valuable resource to property owners, and for real estate agents who seek to assist investors.

A strong relationship with a knowledgeable and reliable real estate agent can be a vital asset for any real estate investor. Unfortunately, finding the right agent to work with isn’t as easy as it should be.

The industry is flush with inexperienced agents due to a very low barrier of entry and identifying the true professionals from the newbies can be tricky. Not to mention, many agents don’t even know how to calculate a cap rate or an ROI. Continue reading

Cash in on Tax Deductions for Your Rental Properties

rental property taxesTax season is close at hand, but are you prepared? Before you start rushing to see if you’ve saved all your receipts, take some time to review what common rental property deductibles you can utilize this tax season. With just a few minutes you’ll save time and money with your organizational and tax-savvy prowess.

Check Off These Tax Deductions

As you already know, rental income is taxable. Continue reading

Are Tenants Listing Your Property on Airbnb?

Airbnb rental propertiesSince their conception in 2008, Airbnb has risen up the ranks of the hospitality industry to provide easy accommodations to travelers across the world. However, is the process too easy to abuse? While I’ve personally had a positive experience as a guest, countless landlords across the US are developing the opposite impression after discovering their residents illegally subleasing.

The problem has grown nationwide as these tenants’ subleasing has begun to affect the rental housing industry. Even college students are renting out their spare dorm beds on Airbnb, sneaking their guests past campus security and their ever-watchful resident advisors. Continue reading

2016 Rental Housing Legislative Changes

By: Becky Bower

new rental housing laws 2016With 2016 already here, new legislation has accompanied the New Year. Keep up to date with the new changes taking effect in California, and some potential legislation from across the nation that could impact rental housing in your state in the New Year.


New Protected Classes (SB 600)

This legislation adds citizenship, primary language, and immigration status to the list of protected classes from discrimination. However, this bill does not require the provision of services or documents to be in any other language than English. Continue reading