Notify Applicants of Your Rental Decision Instantly

Newest Feature of ApplyConnect®

By: Ryan Green

notify applicants of your decision instantly

ApplyConnect®, the industry’s most advanced tenant screening solution for landlords and real estate agents, recently made enhancements to their users’ experience. The improved technology saves landlords and real estate agents time, allowing the tenant screening process to be completed faster and with improved security and protection for all users. This industry exclusive new feature gives the landlord or agent the ability to automatically notify the applicant whether or not they were approved for the property with an instant email decision. Continue reading

Ten Steps to be a Successful Landlord Who Tenants Will Love – Part 2 of 2

By: Ryan Green

landlord successLast week I talked about five ways to turn your investment properties into a successful venture that will help drive revenue with stable and happy tenants. This week I have an additional five ways to accomplish this feat through proper planning, and establishing good habits that will encourage your tenants to be all that you would hope for.

  1. Stay a Step Ahead

Let’s not sugarcoat the perils of being a landlord – things break, and it is your job to fix them.  Continue reading

Ten Steps to be a Successful Landlord Who Tenants Will Love – Part 1 of 2

By: Ryan Green

landlord successBeing a landlord can be a very lucrative way to earn a living or create an additional cash flow for you.  At this point most savvy investors understand that there is quite a bit more to the process than just finding a tenant to live in your property, and give you the money you ask for each month.  There are laws, requirements, pitfalls, regular maintenance, personalities, unique preferences, and so many other factors to include in order to achieve success.  There is no reason, however, that you can’t be a winning landlord that is well liked by your tenants.

Follow these five tips and watch as your properties fill with excellent tenants who are happy to treat your property with respect. Continue reading

Myths and Facts about Criminal Records

By: Becky Bower and Caryn Bennett

facts about criminal recordsYou’ve gotten your potential tenant’s background check and stop mid-way to look it over. As you quickly glance at the clock in the corner of your desktop, you figure you can push lunch-time back just a few more minutes to get this taken care of. You absentmindedly gulp down your lukewarm coffee as your eyes skim the remainder of the report, mentally weighing whether to approve or deny this applicant. But as you see the criminal hits, you immediately question this applicant. If this has happened to you, you’re not the only one.

While criminal records may seem pretty straight-forward, there are a lot of common myths. From questions about “how far back can I check?”, “does this cover every jurisdiction?” to “should I automatically deny someone with a felony?” test your knowledge.  Here are some common myths about criminal records. Continue reading

Why More Real Estate Agents Should Get Involved with Rentals

By: Ryan Green

real estate rentalsBeginning my career in real estate and then transitioning to spend nearly a decade in the rental industry has offered me some interesting insights and observations.  The most obvious has been that when the real estate market declines you will predictably notice an upswing in the performance of multifamily and single-family rentals.  What has been most fascinating over the boom, burst and again burgeoning real estate industry over the last 10 years is the effect millennials have had on altering the cycle.

If I learned anything from my time in real estate, it’s that the most common personality trait I spotted was amazing social skills.  The entire industry revolves around networking and maintaining relationships; today’s homebuyer often brags (or laments) their experience, and passes their opinions onto those around them.  Continue reading

New ApplyConnect Feature: Notify Rental Applicants of Your Decision

By: Ryan Green

tenant screening decisionApplyConnect, the industry’s most advanced tenant screening solution for landlords and real estate agents, will soon be releasing updates to enhance their users’ experience. The improved technology will save landlords and real estate agents time, allowing applicants to be notified automatically when a decision has been made.

In the landlord and agent dashboard a new option will be available soon that offers a decision to be selected.  The options will be “Approved”, “Denied” and “Conditional”, which depending on the selection will generate an email response that is editable and with a simple click is sent to the applicant. Continue reading

How to Properly (and Legally) Destroy Documents

By Becky Bower

property management securityWith the recent news that the Chinese government has breached the data of possibly 4 million federal employees, as well as the overwhelming amount of cyber-attacks committed in the past three years, it’s obvious that protecting your online data is imperative. But what about physical documents, like applications and lease agreements?

property management securityIt’s safe to assume that you probably don’t have Indiana Jones’ level of security, but it’s not a bad idea to check that your physical security measures are as solid as the giant boulder that chased Indie’. Continue reading

Pricing Your Rental Effectively

By Ryan Green and Becky Bower

rental propertiesAssessing how much to charge for your property is a delicate process. Renters are always looking for the best property at the most affordable price, but they oftentimes may not know what that is. Most of the time, a renter’s best option is to judge a property’s price based on comparable properties they have viewed, considering a range of homes against their original rental criteria.

As landlords, it’s apparent that this comparison may not always be fair. Continue reading