Drive Traffic to Your Rental Vacancy with 3 Easy Options

By: Becky Bower

long distance rental applicantsNowadays, you can’t go a step without hearing about how the latest advancements in visual technology are affecting the rental market. Beyond interactive 3D floorplans, videos taken by drones and 360 tour videos are starting to pop up. Even virtual reality is already being used to market unfinished high-rises! While it’ll take a while for these new visual advancements to become mainstream within the market, why not consider some inexpensive technological enhancements of your own? With just a smartphone you can offer online video tours, applications and forms, and different means of effective communication, reaching applicants country-wide while giving your hip local applicants more information. It’s a win-win situation! Continue reading

How to Make Your Rental Kid-Safe to Attract Families

By: Becky Bower

rental property safetyFamilies are a landlord’s bread and butter. There are a lot of family applicants looking for potentially long-term rentals, so it’s easy to see the appeal of attracting this type of renter. While your rental property might be attractive to family applicants because of the location, if your rental isn’t safe for the applicant’s children, applicants will be hesitant to sign the lease. By focusing on the safety of 3 key areas on your property, you’ll attract more families to your rental and beat the neighboring competition. Continue reading

Multifamily Apartment Marketing & Leasing Choice

The following article was originally written for multifamily apartments, but the information shared is valuable as a guide when filling any type of rental vacancy.

marketing rental housesWhy do people lease from this property and not that one? What are some of the “subjective”  factors that affect leasing choice? Multifamily demographics is a tool to measure change as it has significant influence on apartment marketing.  Think “revere engineering” for lease acquisitions and lease renewals.

Demographics is such a “data rich” topic and one that reflects there are truly no two properties exactly alike.  Think about demographics as a real-time tool to measure resident sentiment. Think about the scope of information that a potential resident considers and what makes a property of interest without relying on just numbers. Continue reading

Get More Applicants when Showing Your Rental Property

By: Becky Bower

rental property vacancyBy now you probably have your showing process down, but it wouldn’t hurt to consider new ways to get more interested applicants to seal the deal. By doing some preparations before the showing, considering basic staging, and being confident in your property, you’ll be able to attract more applicants than ever. So what are you waiting for?

Always Prepare Beforehand

The more prepared you are, the less you’ll have to think on your feet. So go early and do a quick walk-through of the vacancy. Continue reading

How to Manage Tenant and Neighbor Arguments

By: Becky Bower

rental property tenant disputesBeing the mediator between a feuding neighbor and your tenants is difficult. As the landlord, you’re in a complicated position where you have to act fairly and be conscious of how the conflict is affecting your reputation as a whole. Although finding some resolution in tenant conflicts is no easy feat, with these tips in mind things will be a little simpler when you have to act as the referee.

Show That You Listen

A large portion of neighbor complaints consist of noise, pets, trash, and even space. While many of these problems can be resolved by arranging for the neighbors and your tenants to talk to each other, not every tenant feels comfortable with confrontation. You probably have experienced this at some time and have ended up with one of three reactions: Continue reading