How to Handle a Hoarding Tenant

By: Becky Bower

hoarding tenants rental propertyHoarding is a serious mental disorder, and when your resident starts showing signs, it can be equally as hard to be understanding while keeping your resident and the rest of your local community safe. When we initially think of the mental condition, the first thing that pops into mind is the binge-worthy TV show, Hoarding: Buried Alive, where the homes of severe hoarders are sensationalized. However, not all hoarding situations are that extreme. While having a hoarder as a resident is difficult no matter how severe the case, it’s not impossible to come to somewhat equal terms.

Mike and Gera T. had a mild hoarding situation which was resolved through patience but persistence. They had been renting their duplex out to an elderly couple for 7-8 years, but Mike had noticed that as the husband had gotten into his 90’s, he had started picking up bulky items off the street and at yard sales and had shoved them into his side yard. As time went by, his collection had started overflowing into the front yard. Continue reading

Do You Suspect your Renter is a Terrorist?

By: Ryan Green and Becky Bower

terrorist tenantsThe horrific massacre by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino was a rude awakening. The terrorists rented a house in Redlands and their neighbors noticed their suspicious behavior yet did not report it to authorities. You can never know when or where these events may occur, however they have been happening frequently throughout this year.

On November 13th, 2015 Paris fell victim to one of the worst acts of terrorism they have ever seen. It was also the day my new wife and I were visiting on our honeymoon. We were only there for the day after taking the train from London, and were going all over the city to see as many of the major tourist sites as we could fit into a 12 hour stay. Our train departed Paris Gare du Nord station at 9:13pm and 10 minutes away the first attack was reported at 9:20pm. Continue reading

Your Credit Score and the Holiday Season

credit scores and holiday shoppingThis year, according to the American Research Group, Inc., American shoppers will spend an average of $882 during the 2015 holiday season. With the busiest shopping season of the year in full-swing, many consumers use credit cards to make their holiday purchases, without considering the potential consequences.

While credit cards help shoppers make convenient online purchases or allow consumers to take advantage of special offers – it is important to remember that these purchases can directly affect your credit score. Continue reading

Stay Safe this Holiday Season

By: Becky Bower

winter safety for rental propertiesAs you run around trying to finish up your holiday planning and this colder, more festive month flies by, be sure to make time to stop and consider the darker possibilities. With every fruit cake that is served and funny family Christmas story that is exchanged, there is a sad story out there where a family lost everything to a brittle, burning fire or had to rush to the ER because of carbon monoxide poisoning. While it’s easy to give in to the Christmas carols and sweet hot chocolate festivities, when it comes to your family, tenants and rentals, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Continue reading

What to do in an Active Shooter scenario

how to survive an active shooterThe tragedy that occurred yesterday (Dec. 2, 2015) in San Bernardino was horrific, and hit very close to home with our corporate offices being located nearby and several clients a few blocks away from the shooting. It was a difficult reminder that these situations are real and can happen anywhere, and at any given time. For your staff’s safety and the safety of those you care about, read on to learn what to do  if ever faced with an active shooter.
Continue reading

Holiday Health Awareness for Your Residents

By: Becky Bower

holiday health tipsThe holiday spirit is upon us! Whether you saw it coming a mile away as mega stores immediately hoisted the fake Christmas trees after Halloween or you are just now hit by the ghost of Christmas Present as you scramble to purchase gifts for your family, one thing is for sure: you probably don’t want to get sick right now. Unfortunately this season’s temperature drop can cause serious health problems to adults and infants alike if they don’t stay warry of the cold. Raise your holiday health awareness by being extra cautious in highly populated areas, and take consideration with whether neighbors have any food allergies. Continue reading