Three things you can do to make your life easier, now!

This article originally appeared on Multifamily Insiders

things you can do to make your life easierLife can be hard. Isn’t that what our moms told us? Life’s tough, get over it. But sometimes we can make it harder on ourselves. I have found there are three simple things that will help make life a little easier. They’re easy and they’re obvious and you can start doing them now.

  • Be nice.
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Cultivate Cheerleaders

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The Landlord Guide to Tenant Screening

By: Ryan Green

tenant screening for landlordsConsider the age we live in where information is king. Nearly everything you do is monitored and recorded in some database, and used for any number of reasons. Opening a bank account, shopping for a new car, getting a traffic citation, applying for a credit card – all of it is available depending on your purpose.

As a landlord you have an excellent reason for accessing some of this valuable data when screening renters. The difficulty is figuring out which companies are going to provide you with the information you need in the best possible way. For instance, with rental properties you don’t need to know if an applicant got a speeding ticket, but you do need to know whether they were convicted of a violent crime. When preparing to do a background check feel confident that the information you receive is going to be directly applicable to your needs, and available in a convenient way. Continue reading

Fall Preparations to Protect Your Property

By: Becky Bower

protect your rental propertiesWhether you’re enjoying the crunch of golden-red leaves under your heels, skipping around a pumpkin patch or simply drowning your coffee in seasonal creamers, fall is definitely here. It also means the temperature is dropping and the weather is changing. For some areas fall brings scarce showers and a slight 10 degree weather change, for other regions the snow and rain is imminent.  Regardless of what fall climate you deal with, here are some tips to help you whip your rental property into shape so you can snuggle into the colder months without fear: Continue reading

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Tenants

By: Becky Bower

rental property Halloween safetyHalloween can be scary, but not for the reasons you’re thinking of. As a landlord, this spooky season poses the threat of fires and a few potential liabilities. But don’t break into a sweat just yet, there’s still time to remind your tenants to exercise safe Halloween practices. So when the holiday comes rolling around, you can just sit back and enjoy your Ghostbusters marathon in peace. Continue reading

The Benefits of Doing a Criminal History Check


tenant screening with criminal historyThis Probably Never Happened to You, but …

The applicants for #3 “looked” good.  They were brother-and-sister.  They both had good jobs, and their incomes suggested that they could afford the rent.  They both had fairly good credit scores (above 650).  In the past, we would have rented to them.

That was then, this is now.

Now we can also run Criminal Background Checks.  We now run such checks on ALL APPLICANTS.  It is inexpensive, and it is essential.  This pair proved the point, dramatically.  “She” had no criminal history.  “He” did, and as amazing as this may sound, he had (12 years ago) been charged with MURDER, AND WAS ULTIMATELY CONVICTED OF VOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER.   Yes, that really got our attention. Continue reading

Promote Vacancies Using Unique URLs

advertise rental vacancies with a unique linkApplyConnect, a revolutionary alternative to traditional tenant screening for landlords and real estate agents, offers a unique web link for use in advertisements at no cost to clients. The link can be utilized by multiple renters and no longer requires landlords and real estate agents to create an invitation for each applicant.

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Your Voice Carries The Words Of 10,000 Leases!

learn to lease rentalsFrom the moment you spoke your first word as a small child, your voice and the words you select are often taken for granted—a gift you use throughout your life.  As leasing professionals, you know the importance of using the telephone, because this is how a majority of your future residents contact your apartment communities.  In this article, we are going to ask you to capture your voice and listen closely to how you are handling each call—a powerful exercise for becoming a leasing SuperStar. Continue reading