Getting the Perfect Tenant

By: Becky Bower

find the perfect rentersEveryone dreams of the perfect tenant; the type of tenants who pay their rent on time, don’t cause any damages, even make minor repairs, and end up staying in your property for years. They’re the type of tenants that look at your property and instantly feel like its home. It’s that HGTV happy ending that we all crave.

Unfortunately, attracting the ideal tenant isn’t so easy. We can’t all have a TV show promoting our property, and the reality is that time is not on your side. So what are you waiting for? Here are a few tips to help you jumpstart making your dream of the perfect resident, a reality: Continue reading

Online Rental Applications at No Cost Coming Soon to ApplyConnect

UPDATE: Click Here The read about the NOW AVAILABLE online rental application from ApplyConnect!

By: Becky Bower

no cost rental applicationApplyConnect isn’t going to stop doling out the updates yet, and this next one is going to be a big one! Very soon ApplyConnect landlords and real estate agents will be able to incorporate the online rental application to their prospective tenants’ background check invitation, and best of all it is free to ApplyConnect users. Continue reading

Insurance Tips for Landlords

By: Ryan Green

insurance for rental propertiesAs a landlord you should be well aware of homeowners insurance, but have you done your homework on dwelling insurance?

It should come as no surprise that there are differences between having homeowners insurance, and the kind of coverage you need if you rent out your property. It is especially easy to overlook this in cases where you become an “accidental landlord” by having to keep a property that won’t sell, and using tenants to cover the added cost. No matter how the situation occurred the risk is still the same for your assets. Continue reading

5 Ways to Make Money in Real Estate Without Ownership


Originally published September 9, 2015

Republished with permission from Mr. John Wilhoit, Jr. To view the original article, please visit the Multifamily Insight Blog.

real estate success without ownershipThere are millions of people engaged in the real estate business with zero ownership in actual buildings. To use myself as an example, aside from ownership, my involvement in real estate is as a consultant, asset manager and industry writer.  All of these endeavors in real estate can be accomplished without requiring ownership.

Following are five professional tracks tied to real estate each “dipped” in the daily life of being a real estate professional without requiring ownership of hard assets. Continue reading

Recent Rental Housing Legislation That May Affect Your Business

By: Ryan Green

rental housing policy changesRecently there have been changes throughout the country that can affect the way your business must work with applicants during the rental screening process.  If you are affected by any of these changes, be sure your policies are updated, or that you voice your opinion to oppose them before it is too late.

Modified Fair Credit Report Acts – Georgia

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federally approved guide for the use of consumer information during the application process.  In addition to federal regulations there can be further provisions required by the state your business is operating in. Continue reading

Scam of the Week – Poisoned Web Ads

online scamsYou need to understand something about poisoned ads on websites which might infect your computer. Here is the situation in a nutshell: Advertisers do not sell their ads to websites one at a time. Websites that want to make money sell their advertising space to an ad network. Advertisers sign contracts with that ad network which then displays the ads on the participating websites. The ad network sits in the middle between the advertisers and the websites and manages the traffic and the payments.

And there is the problem. Cybercriminals fool the ad network into thinking they are a legit advertiser, but the ads which are displayed on major websites are poisoned. If you browse to a page with a poisoned ad on it, that is enough to run the risk your PC will be encrypted with ransomware, which costs 500 dollars to get your files back. Continue reading

How to Attract Millennial Renters

By: Becky Bower

renting to millennialsIn this day and age everyone uses some form of technology. Whether it’s for work or fun, almost everything nowadays is online, including your millennial renters. From Netflix, Tumblr and Facebook, Gen Y goes beyond emails and IM by depending on their search results to make big decisions.  By going online and making small, yet long-lasting, upgrades to your listing process, attracting millennial renters to your property can be a piece of cake.

 List Your Available Rentals Online

Since millennials use the internet for the majority of their purchases—from small things like clothes and books to big expenses like cars and cell phones—listing your properties online is imperative. Continue reading