Help a New Tenant with this Utility Checklist

By: Becky Bower

new renter utility checklist

Moving is difficult. There are rentals to tour and applications to be completed, boxes to pack, and furniture to transport. And when that’s all said and done, when the lease has been signed and the boxes have been moved in, exhausted renters are left to deal with the utilities. While figuring out who provides the electricity or the internet is painless when moving a few blocks away, for renters who move from one city to another or from one state to another state, this process is stressful. Continue reading

Denying an Applicant: What Landlords Need to Know

By Caryn Bennett

how to properly deny applicantsIn a perfect world, anytime a tenant moved out, a new and equally perfect tenant would be waiting to move in.  A brief chat would suffice as assurance that the new tenant would be ideal for the community, a handshake and keys would be exchanged.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. In the real world, poor decisions are made and mistakes happen. Perhaps the applicant’s actions in the past affected his or her credit, criminal or even employment history. Perhaps the landlord or property manager has mistakenly “shaken hands” with the wrong tenant, resulting in a stressful and costly experience for everyone involved. Continue reading

Are You Treating Millennial Renters Differently?

By: Becky Bower
renting to millennialsAs one of the first times most millennials are looking to move out on their own, new renters are excited at the prospect of having their own space to call home. The allure of independence—the freedom to stay up watching Netflix, the freedom to choose whatever they want to eat (which for some ultimately results in instant ramen and McDonalds), and the freedom to follow their professional and educational goals no matter what city it’s in—brings growing numbers of millennials to the market. According to Multifamily Executive, Millennial renters have “increased from 37% in 2010 to 50% today”. Undeniably this new generation of renters offers quite the business opportunity. Continue reading

Make Your New Renters Feel at Home

By: Ryan Green

renters happy at homePut yourself into the shoes of someone who has just moved to the neighborhood.  From the moment the paperwork is completed, you have a list of concerns that can be overwhelming to think about.  Relocating to a new area, packing and unpacking boxes, developing a new routine and arranging a house can make simple tasks like planning dinner cause unneeded stress.

This is a great time to earn the mutual respect that can encourage your tenants to keep an open relationship with you, protecting your property in the long run. Continue reading

New Enhancements to ApplyConnect Make Sharing Reports Faster Than Ever!

By: Ryan Green

tenant screeningThanks to the amazing feedback received through the ApplyConnect contact page, the site has been updated to make approving tenants faster than ever before.  As soon as an applicant purchases their report it will be available for landlords, real estate agents and property managers to view on their dashboard.

The update modifies the previous process which required applicants to manually select a button for the report to be shared between both parties.  Continue reading

ApplyConnect Expands the Nation’s Largest Proprietary Eviction Database

Independent rental owners, landlords, and real estate agents have access to better eviction reporting.

Nationwide Eviction RecordsApplyConnect, the nation’s leading provider of nationwide eviction coverage to the rental housing industry is pleased to announce coverage of additional jurisdictions to their proprietary eviction database. With three decades of industry-leading experience, ApplyConnect’s data quality is second to none and with the recently expanded coverage, clients easily prevent consequences of failing to identify high-risk applicants.

ApplyConnect provides the most comprehensive nationwide eviction coverage, and in the last few months have extracted additional county records within the states of: Continue reading

Keep Renters Happy with Low Utility Bills this Summer

By: Laura Mowry
lower utility bills for rentersSummer temperatures can be scorching, which can leave your tenants with some pretty expensive utility bills if you aren’t careful. Fortunately, there are several ways to win the battle against the heat while keeping your bills and your tenants from becoming unbearably expensive.

Take the time to share these tips with your renters to help stay cool, while saving a little extra money this summer. They can turn their savings into a fun outing or adventure! Continue reading