Housing Policies Challenged: Disparate Impact Supreme Court’s Ruling on 6/25/15

texas housing policies and disparate impactTexas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc., decided by the Supreme Court last Thursday, held that lawsuits can challenge housing policies or practices based on their disparate impact. Subject to restrictions discussed below, the Court found that housing discrimination claims can be based on the discriminatory effect of a law or practice without needing to show intent to discriminate. While the Supreme Court had not yet weighed in on this question, the Court’s decision matches the nine federal courts of appeals that have considered the question, which may limit the decision’s consequences. The 5-4 decision included a majority opinion by Justice Kennedy and dissents by Justices Thomas and Alito. Continue reading

Fighting ID Theft – ID Theft Schemes have Become More Complex

Part 3 of 3

by: Laura Mowry
criminal recordsWith regular media attention detailing the latest elaborate schemes of identity thieves, most Americans are familiar with the threat and need to stay protected. Suspicious emails – just delete them. Choose strong passwords and change them regularly. These practices are becoming increasingly well known to stay safe from routine, run-of-the-mill schemes. However, because of this thieves are creating more elaborate plans that go beyond the scope of what is on your radar.

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Unlock the Secrets of Rental Property Maintenance Success

landlord rental property maintenanceJust about every renter has a story of a time they experienced a maintenance fiasco. The problem with this, is that the consequences of failing to resolve a problem in a timely manner and lack of communication with residents can prove to be more costly for landlords than just making the repairs – your reputation can lose credibility and you may even lose tenants.

I recently interviewed a previous renter about when she and her husband, Chris, moved into their first rental together. They had an experience that required maintenance to repair their home which ultimately drove them to avoid renewing their lease at all costs. The garbage disposal in their townhome backed up, which also prevented the dishwasher from working. Rather than an open dialogue and a prompt resolution, the situation dragged on for weeks. Continue reading

Fighting ID Theft – Hackers Know What Sites You Visit

Part 2 of 3

by: Denise Garcia
Be-Scam-SmartIn the recent weeks there has been many phishing emails circulating from the FTC, Paypal and Facebook just to name a few. Such scams try to fool people into giving away names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and other personal data by sending emails that look as if they were sent from a legitimate company, especially ones we deal with on a frequent basis. This type of phishing emails normally include a link that takes them to a fake site mimicking the real company website by entering personal data which can compromise computers and be used for fraud. Continue reading

Fighting ID Theft – Social Media and Phishing

Part 1 of 3

by: Laura Mowry

combating ID theftEvery week, another story makes headlines about the latest victims of ID theft and fraud and the hackers are getting cleverer. Recognizing the inherent risk in our everyday digital lives and taking the proper action to protect personally identifiable information (PII) will pay off in the long run.

1. Don’t be fooled by malware based phishing.

Frequently criminals will embed harmful computer programs called malware into emails and other digital web-based entities. Continue reading

ApplyConnect Expands Criminal Jurisdiction Data

by: Laura Mowry

criminal records

Throughout the past six months, the ApplyConnect team worked to increase the number of jurisdictions available to landlords and real estate agents in the Criminal Database Scan. These expansions to our coverage demonstrate ApplyConnect’s commitment to excellence and supporting the unique screening requirements of landlords and agents.

The following jurisdictions have been added: Continue reading

Property Managers Rejoice: California Bill Making Criminals a Protected Class Fails

by: Ryan Green

Stop CA AB396Recently, The California State Legislature introduced a new bill which sought to amend §12955 of the Government Code, to include a criminal record as a basis upon which housing discrimination is prohibited. In what should be viewed as a big win for the rental industry the bill AB396, which sought to add restrictions to the use of criminal records in the rental decision, has been officially shelved for the remainder of the year.  Continue reading

Property Management: 5 Goal Setting Apps


Originally published May 11, 2015

Republished with permission from Mr. John Wilhoit, Jr. To view the original article, please visit the Multifamily Insight Blog.

apps for setting goals

Goals require a plan of action.  Sometimes the thing (goal) right in front of us takes the cake.  I mean, whatever the goal is, that’s the one thing that makes the earth move. There will always be tasks list, objectives, strategy and tactics.  At the end of the day you must be able to measure accomplishments, measure progress towards an established goal.

In the spirit of getting that one thing accomplished here are some proven applications (apps) that set in motion a method for accomplishing the goal at hand. The links below will take you to the website for the app. Continue reading